About Special Ones

Special Ones is an independent rescue in Oakville, Ontario, working mainly with cats rescued from high volume shelters, cats that more often than not have been slated for termination. We also rescue abandoned kitties and kitties that were born outside, which typically require varying degrees of socialization. Our cats are socialized to people, other cats and possibly dogs.

Many of our cats have been rescued from dire situations, and if we have any say about it, they will never again experience the anguish, pain, and terror that inevitably go hand in hand with life on the streets. Our end goal is to find them loving, “forever” homes, in which they can live safely indoors, loved, cherished and outrageouslyy spoiled by their forever families.

If you are in a position to provide a caring, loving, lifetime home for one of our kitties, and you happen to want to enlarge your family with an adorable furry baby, please contact us to set up an appointment so you can meet your newest family member.

Our cats and kittens come in many different colors, sizes and ages. Our adoption fee includes vaccinations, deworming, Advantage, and when age appropriate – spay/neuter.

When you adopt one of our kitties, you make it possible for another kitty in need to be rescued – excellent for the karma.. 🙂