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November is Adopt-A-Senior-Cat Month


November is Adopt-A-Senior-Cat MonthRingo&Coco

At Special Ones we know that mature cats are like aged wine – they only get better, as the time goes by.

They become wiser, calmer, more appreciative of love and attention and can be a perfect match for someone who respects their age and understands their need for a quieter environment.

Please consider opening your home and heart to a senior cat, and you will be rewarded with tremendous love and gratitude for many long happy years to come.

At Special Ones we have several senior cats: Kashmire, Ringo, Chopper, Chantilly Lace and Coco.

Please check the website for details on each of our wonderful seniors and join our group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/specialones.cat.rescue/ to get the latest updates and make an appointment to come meet your new family member.

Two adorable bonded sisters Lauren and Lacey and Saving Kashmire

Lauren and Lacey are  are bonded sisters, about 6 months old. Super affectionate and love humans. They need a home together, as they are inseparable. These tiny girls are mere angels with a gentle purr, snuggling with each other and people all the time, with soft coats and incredible amount of love and warmth to share. They feel most safe and cozy in your arms – and they are so tiny and light, it is a joy to hold them both at the same time, so that they can snuggle with you and give each other kisses at the same time. It is simply impossible to see them and not to fall in love. Our pumpkins will be fine with other cats in the household, but what they really need besides a forever home, is each other.


FUND-RAISER FOR KASHMIRE – $500 needed for her surgery


Just couple of days ago Karen Beharrell worked yet another miracle and saved Kashmire, senior siamese lady, from a death row. Kashmire is about 9-10 years old, she is a loving talkative girl, and she needs medical attention.

That is exactly what Karen does – she steps in and saves cats with health problems – to nurse them back to life and well-being.

Kashmire NEEDS YOUR HELP, she has a mammary gland tumor, broken tooth, dental work – and she needs to be spayed.

PLEASE HELP US RAISE 500$ needed for her surgery.

You can either make e-transfer through online banking wiring money to donate@specialonescatrescue.com email address.

Or you can donate from the website from your credit card or Paypal.

THANK YOU, GOOD PEOPLE OF SPECIAL ONES ! Please donate and share this fund raiser – every dollar counts, every repost matters. Kashmire wants to live long and be healthy – and we can help !

Chardonnay and Mario

Chardonnay2Chardonnay – a people’s cat :)

Our sweet girl Chardonnay is only 2 years old. She is best suitable in a home where she is the only cat, as she not all that big on the company of other cats, dogs or small children. This poor girl has been through so much. She needs a home after being abandoned and spending a long time at the shelter. She made it out just in time because her time was up. She deserves so much. Sweet and quiet.  A perfect match for a person / couple with no other animals or very small children. Chardonnay is waiting for her very special human to come and take her home and call her own.


Mario4 CroppedMario – a BIG Bundle of Love

Mario is approx 8 years old  – big handsome boy, very affectionate, loves to be petted, quiet and mellow. His guardian of many recently passed away, and the only safe place he knew as home was gone . Mario needs a home where he will be loved and will feel safe again. This big lovable boy gets along fine with other cats.  You can’t help but falling in love with his puffy cheeks, like two needle cushions for Mario’s long gorgeous whiskers.



Featured: Coco and Peppermint Patti

Sweetheart Peppermint Patti has been waiting a year for a home. She is approx 10 yrs old and deserves to be loved by a family of her own. She ended up in a high kill shelter when she was found abandoned in an apartment building matted to the bone. She has quite unique markings. She looks like a skunk from the back, such beautiful black and white coat. A beautiful senior girl deserves a forever home so she can be pampered.

Beautiful, very calm lady

Beautiful, very calm lady

She is about Love

She is about Love

Coco female torti. 12yrs old. Originally was rescued years ago and have lived safe and loved until just recently. Former guardian is sick and will not be coming home to her anymore. She is confused, but so gentle, purrs like a motorcycle, very cuddly, has a lot of love to share with her new human to be. Coco is a senior girl, but given so much deserved love and attention has many long years ahead of her. She is absolutely amazing cat.



Featured: Bella and Thomas


Born: April 2013

Born: April 3, 2013Bella is a cute and pretty brown tabby kitten, who was rescued from a high kill shelter. She is a typical playful kitten and will need to be adopted with another kitten, or go to a home with other cats, so that she has a playmate. If you are interested in adopting this sweet rescue kitten and giving her a forever home, please contact us.


Born: 2013

Thomas_140514_01.thumbRecently trapped. Thomas was initially a very scared little boy, but has become very lovable and gets along with the other cats. To add Thomas to your family, please contact us.

Featured: Isis and Stallone



Born: 2011

Isis is a pretty tuxedo lady with a cute black nose. She is about 1 year old, and great with other cats. She was rescued from an abusive area. Isis has now learned to trust again, but this time she would like to live in a home where she is kept safely indoors and well loved. If you want to adopt Isis, please contact us.



Born: 2012

StalloneStallone is a handsome black boy with a white bib. When he came to us, he had a break in his leg near the growth plate, so a cast could not be used. After X-rays, he had surgery to put in pins to stabilize the broken leg and help heal the fracture. Recuperating was a little hard for this lively little guy since he was not allowed to jump or move much for several weeks. This social boy is now all healed up and can climb, run and jump just like a monkey. If you want to adopt Stallone, please contact us.

Featured: Phoenix (Now ADOPTED!!!) and Oh Henry (Now ADOPTED!!!)



Born: June 2012

1309_Phoenix_25890050-2-large_sqPhoenix is a gorgeous flame point Himalayan cross boy. He is mostly a creamy white with pale flame points. His soft fur is mostly short with some fluffyness. He wWas pulled from high volume shelter just before being scheduled for euthanasia.

Phoenix is a playful sweetheart who would love a forever home with friends!


Oh Henry

Born: 2011

1309_Oh-Henry_25147144-3-large_sqOh Henry is a big handsome chocolate brown boy. He may look tough, but he is the biggest sweetest guy. He was rescued from a kill shelter. He is a lovable friendly gentle giant who would like a new home to snuggle in.

Who can resist that face?

Featured: Tinkerbell (Now ADOPTED!!!) and Twyla (Now ADOPTED!!!)

Tinkerbell 400 x 400 Twyla 400 x 400

This is beautiful Tinkerbell

Born: August 2012
This lovely fluffy grey girl is Tinkerbell. She has had a rough start in life. Dumped at the pound with her mom Twyla and siblings, all became very sick with a virus. Tinkerbell is the only kitten to survive. She and her mom Twyla are very bonded and would need a home together. Both are sweethearts, Tinkerbell is a bit more playful. They both deserve a loving and stable forever home.
If you would like to adopt these special ladies, please contact us. Like all Special Ones cats, they will be fully vetted before  adoption, that is spayed, first set of vaccines, dewormed and treated with Revolution.

This is lovely Twyla

Born: 2011
This beautiful fluffy lady is Twyla. Her thick, medium-long coat is brown tabby and white, with a long fluffy tail. She is probably a Maine Coon mix. It has been a long fight for her. Dumped at the pound with her three babies, she soon got very sick with a bad virus, which the babies caught as well. Sadly two the three kittens died, only her daughter Tinkerbell survived. These two are very bonded and should be adopted together. Both are real sweethearts, Tinkerbell maybe a little more playful. Twyla and her girl deserve a loving stable forever home. If you want to adopt them, please contact us.


Featured: Phoenix (ADOPTED!!!) and Stallone

PhoenixPhoenix1 470x470  Phoenix2 352x470

This is beautiful Phoenix

Phoenix is a gorgeous flame point Himalayan cross  boy, with soft short fur and a magnificent fluffy tail. He is  a real sweetheart who enjoys playing and cuddling. Rescued from a kill shelter, he is looking for a loving forever home where he can play with friends and feel secure. If you would like to adopt Phoenix, please contact us. Like all Special Ones cats, he will be fully vetted before adoption, that is neutered, first set of vaccines, dewormed and treated with Revolution.

Stallone1  Stallone 1  Stallone2

This is handsome Stallone

Stallone is a handsome black boy with a white bib. When he came to us, he had a break in his leg near the growth plate, so a cast could not be used. After X-rays, he had surgery to put in pins to stabilize the broken leg and help heal the fracture. Recuperating was a little hard for  this lively little guy since he was not allowed to jump or move much for  several weeks. This social boy is now all healed up and can climb, run and  jump just like a monkey. If you want to adopt Stallone, please contact us.

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