Adieu, Farewell, It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

Dear Special Ones Supporters:

It is with utmost regret I have to inform during a routine check-up by Oakville Humane it was determined our shelter space was not compliant with the regulations and as we don’t have an alternative space or enough fosters, all cats were released to their care for placement with Milton/Oakville Humane Society and consequent adoption through their own channels.
One of the hardest parts as a rescuer is not knowing when to say No, or saying I’m full. How could anyone say NO knowing the alternative?
It’s happened to so many rescues and I know many can relate. I have rescued for 7 years, I have devoted my life to it. And while I worked full time as well as maintained rescuing I am realizing how emotional I am, how tired I am and how much of a life I don’t have. It has been such a roller coaster ride for me.
In my heart I know I have done everything I could do for as many cats as I could and I know so many went to such wonderful amazing homes and I thank each of our adopters for giving me the will to carry on.

At this point however, I realize we need to focus on all our cats in foster homes and get them their much deserved forever homes. I trust that the Humane society will keep the best interests of our cats at heart and keep them safe until they too go to forever homes. Should you wish to adopt any of our cats seen previously through SOCR please contact them directly to follow up. We will continue to post via our special ones facebook page for our remaining cats in foster homes.
To each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart Thank you. Thank you for helping me save so many. To all our fosters and their families, Thank you for opening your home and your hearts to our feline companions, Special ones wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for your continued support. For those who donated and shared and assisted in anyway, your kindness and support never went unnoticed and always helped so many cats on the road to good health and get into homes. You saved them too!
To my fellow rescues, I know how hard and trying it can be and I know you need any and all support you can get. We are all working towards a common goal. I encourage all of our members to follow other local rescues and assist them in saving so many innocent lives.
And to our fosters should you continue to foster please contact one of these local rescues you are always greatly needed.

Ninth Life Cat Rescue of Ontario
Neveah’s Charity of West Lincoln
Forever Homes Cat Rescue
LadyBird Animal Sanctuary

In closing, while I will remain involved to ensure every last one of my cats has been adopted I will be slowing down and trying to learn what having a life is again and enjoying my own pets. I wish all of these other rescues the best of luck and value all of the many friendships I will be taking away from this.

For now signing off with love,

Karen Beharrell.