ADOPTED! Charlotte and Chester

A note from Charlotte and Chester’s new mom

They played until after 11 last night – had a ball – then up at 5:30 this morning – I am exhausted..

Charlotte looks after Chester – in fact, they went on a little explore out of my bedroom this morning and got separated. Chester started meowing with this little baby meow and Charlotte meowed and came running to his rescue. Ridiculously cute.

Chester I am head over heels. Charlotte snuggled with me most of the day and last night while watching TV. Chester did not come out much yesterday but he is full of it today. Full, especially given that he ate all of the food this morning!

They both went into the litter box last night at the same time. Charlotte finished first and she is somewhat of a clean freak so she did a lot of covering up of her business. Chester finished soon after and did not clean up at all. Charlotte immediately went back into the litter box to show Chester what is to be done once completing business and he followed her back in and learned!!! They did it again this morning. VERY Cute.

Glad to see the rest of the litter is going. Don’t forget to email pics of the other kittens available as my sis and one of her friends are very interested!

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